Services for Corporate clients

    1. Market information update
    2. Marketing and Search for specific qualification candidate
    3. Executive Search (CEO, CFO, COO Board member level, Senior Advisor) and Consulting related to search
    4. Search of junior candidates, Consulting in relation to training of junior professionals

Services to Candidates

    1. Introduction of opening positons
    2. Career path consulting
    3. Job hunting strategy consulting
    4. Job hunting strategy consulting※

※ Professionals whose qualification does not match to opening positons our firm works for, depending on availabilities, you can apply for paid consulting service for resume consulting and mock interview sessions. Please see below link for detailed information. Please note that this service can be provided only for limited numbers of candidates. There is possibility that the service cannot be provided depending on situations of other search projects.


  • Non-Japanese security firms,
  • Foreign Investment Banks Japanese security firms,
  • Japanese Investment Banks Global M&A Boutique firms,
  • Big 4 financial advisory firms,
  • Private Equity funds (Global fund,
  • Regional fund and Japanese fund)Turn around management fund,
  • Management positions (CEO, CFO, COO, CAO, Manager of Management Planning divisions,
    Treasury and Accounting divisions) of Industrial corporations

Message to the Corporate Clients:

Based on professional experiences, knowledge and network in finance industries, we select the candidates from wide range of sources, screening precisely and closely communicate with candidates of their career goal, professional skills and value in their own life. As a result, candidates will outperform for long time at new work place. Our consultants commit to provide high quality placement service and support long-term growth of the corporate clients.

Message to you looking next career;

We provide advices counting in your long term career goal, professional expertise and would like to cherish relationship as a reliable advisor for many years.
Relatively young candidates who wants to integrate MBA into their career, we can also advise pre MBA post MBA career advises. Our detailed support, advise and information that is necessary to make a big decision makes valuable contribution to the candidates.

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